Customer Satisfaction Improvement, Efficiency Gain and Cost Reduction for Business Transformation & Service Delivery

Over the next five years, robotic process automation will drastically transform the modern workplace. Businesses in the Philippines have already been impacted by RPA, resulting in increased pressure to retain competitive edge and sustain growth.

Following the SOLD OUT RPA Asia Summit that took Singapore by storm, we are proud to bring you the RPA Philippines Summit for the first time! It’s an unrivalled opportunity to gain step-by-step guide to kick start your RPA initiative, benchmark with peers to ensure you get your deployment right first time, and effectively augment human workforce capabilities to drive secure, compliant and value-adding change across both front and back offices.

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Key Conference Themes

Getting started with PRA pilot projects – from building a business case to vendor selection

Case studies from leading Shared Services Centers, Contact Centers, Financial Institutions and more: pitfalls, strategies & lessons learnt

Defining the right RPA governance & control framework

Preparing for large-scale, enterprise-wide RPA implementation

Free up employees from dull and repetitive work for more strategic tasks to decrease the attrition rate

Progressing to the next level of RPA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Why Attend?


about RPA’s current and ever-evolving capabilities and what it may offer in the years to come


which processes can be automated and how you can harvest the maximum benefit of RPA


how your peers in the Philippines and other countries have used RPA to reduce cost, improve efficiency and customer satisfaction


your step-by-step blue print to pilot RPA, select vendor, manage change and risk, measure success and scale up.

Featured Content

2017 Global Intelligent Automation Market Report

Most organizations are finding themselves in an Uber moment, as enormous disruption rocks their industry. For many, it’s time for a wakeup call, given that underlying service lines, process execution, customer interactions, etc. have remained unchanged for decades. Virtually every area of a business model could be impacted.


Intelligent enterprises through robotics process automation

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience.