20 - 21 March 2018
The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Profile of Past Attendees at the RPA Asian Series

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Why RPA fails—and what you can do about it

When it comes to implementing robotic process automation, the failures are just as important—if not more important—than the wins, said SWBC's VP of Stretegic Vendor Management, Veer Chockalingam.

The AIIA Network sat down with Chockalingam to discuss some of the common mistakes people make when implementing RPA—and how to avoid making them.

Know Your Terminology

What’s the difference between Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Process Automation? What are Heuristics? What is Machine Learning in relation to Artificial Intelligence?

Ahead of the RPA Philippines conference we give you the ultimate guidebook to brush up on your RPA knowledge. 

Three myths that prevent organizations moving into cognitive automation

In this article, we take a look at the common myths that stand in the way of enterprises from scaling RPA and moving into cognitive automation:

How You Should Be Conducting Your RPA Projects

John Reyes is Global Process Excellence and RPA Implementation Lead at Sony Shared Services in the Philippines. In an exclusive feature ahead of the Robotic Process Automation, Philippines he sets out his advice on how RPA projects should be executed. 


Robots and automation deliver better human experience

In this episode of The AI Network Podcast, Vytis Ciemnolonskis, Director of Digital Operations at Western Union Processing in Lithuania, joins host Seth Adler to share the impact of management buy-in and executive sponsorship on the outcomes of automating.

Reports and Whitepapers

Intelligent enterprises through robotics process automation

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience. It considers:

  • The potential beneficiaries of RPA
  • Benefits that businesses can expect from RPA
  • How can businesses create an effective strategy for RPA deployment
  • Features to look for in your RPA partner
  • Four pillars of NIIT Technologies’ TESS framework

The little guide of big 'IAdeas': Intelligent automation in the digital workforce

This guide offers helpful explanations to give you a deeper understanding of AI, digital labor and the virtual workforce—as well as the role of governance in AI implementation.

  • The evolution of artificial intelligence
  • The virtual workforce
  • Intelligent orchestration
  • Governed learning

2017 Global Intelligent Automation Market Report

Most organizations are finding themselves in an Uber moment, as enormous disruption rocks their industry. For many, it’s time for a wakeup call, given that underlying service lines, process execution, customer interactions, etc. have remained unchanged for decades. Virtually every area of a business model could be impacted.

This report is one of the most comprehensive you will find on this fast-changing topic.

How to implement intelligent automation: A simple guide for smart humans

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner Thoughtonomy, is designed to demonstrate how organizations can realize the benefits of intelligent automation in helping to achieve their ambitions—from reducing operating costs to driving revenue growth, and from improved customer experience to creating a happier workforce—by considering the following key elements: 

  • The problem with people-based processes
  • Changing the shape of the organisation chart
  • What is robotic process automation anyway?


An RPA state of mind

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a hot topic in a myriad of industries. If you are still wondering what RPA is, the benefits of RPA or how to get started on implementing an RPA solution here's a 101 breakdown. The infographic gives a brief overview of the basics of RPA.

The RPA lifecycle

Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can provide a host of benefits for firms globally, but how does a business go about forming an RPA solution? And how do you know what to do when you come to a fork in the road?