20 - 21 March 2018
The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Elaine Kunkle

General Manager
Henkel Asia Pacific Services Centre
Elaine Kunkle’s experience extends over 30 years in management, support and sales within the financial data services and BPO/SSC industries. General Manager of Henkel Asia Pacific Shared Service Centre and President of Henkel Philippines, she joined Henkel in June 2007 and was responsible for the setup of its North American Operations in Manila. It’s now Henkel’s 2nd largest Shared Service Center. Prior to joining Henkel, she worked in the BPO and Financial Services industry. Elaine is from Pennsylvania, USA and has worked in the New York City, London and Manila. She moved to the Philippines in November 1999 where she learned to scuba dive. She has taken underwater video from all over the Philippines and throughout the region. She is now improving her golf game, which is much tougher than diving.

9:50 AM Where There is Change, There is Resistance: Three Change Management Keys for Success RPA Implementation

RPA can lead to a dramatic shift in the employment situation. Even after your senior management endorsed the RPA initiative, it is usually the functional teams that are reluctant to the idea of automation, which could lead to failure of the RPA project.
·         Fostering a culture of trust within the company to further accelerate RPA adoption
·         Making the formal case for change including organizational and cultural aspects to help employees understand the benefits of RPA, lessen fears, and provide the guidance and support to help them cope with the organizational impacts
·         Building an RPA Center of Excellence to empower ownership and provide a better way of gathering, assessing, and managing the necessary RPA knowledge and capabilities

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