20 - 21 March 2018
The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Pritam Dutta

IT Business Partner - Consumer & Employee Tech

9:50 AM Panel: Developing Strategic RPA Roadmaps to Enhance the Philippines’ Competitive Advantage in a World of Disruptions

·         What major impact would RPA bring to the Philippines’ economy and its position of top service delivery location?
·         How would RPA help transform back office services to value-orientated?
·         Can RPA solve the long-term problem of talent attrition in shared services and outsourcing sector?
·         What is the danger of the mentality “If it’s not broken, why do we need to fix it?”

1:50 PM The Future of Jobs: Working Side-By-Side with Robots

Forrester forecasted that 16% of jobs will disappear due to automation technologies between now and 2025. The whole counter-argument to job losses caused by automation is the new work created in the future to focus on higher value work. According to a recent study, the Philippines is set to benefit from medium/high skills job creation from automation in the next five years. Many workers will be challenged to migrate and evolve their skills to take on roles with higher degrees of complex problem solving, autonomy, creativity and emotional intelligence. It is vital that companies develop a workforce skilled in augmented intelligence to climb the value chain much quicker. Join this session to find out what’s the reality in the next five years in the environment where you work side by side with robots. 

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